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android battery drain mobile data

Reduce Android battery drain on Wi-Fi

Battery life differs greatly when you compare different mobile devices running Android. From devices that drain battery quickly to devices that seemingly can run for days without recharging. Many factors play a […]

google calendar email notification

Google removes SMS notifications from Google Calendar

Google customers who use the SMS functionality of Google Calendar will have it replaced with notifications or emails in January 2019. Google published information about the change on the official G suites […]

qbittorrent search

Searching for torrents from within qBittorrent

Did you know that the popular cross-platform torrent client qBittorrent has torrent search functionality baked directly into the client? Torrent users have plenty of options when it comes to finding torrent files: […]

avast xp vista support end

Avast 18.8 is the last version for Windows XP and Vista

Security giant Avast Software published version 18.8 of its consumer-oriented security products for Windows recently. The company, which acquired AVG back in 2016 and Piriform, maker of CCleaner in 2017,  released Avast […]

Try this if Google Chrome closes automatically on start

I run multiple web browsers on my system and even different versions of the same browser. When it comes to Google Chrome, I run Chrome Stable, Canary and Chromium on my system […]

youtube free to watch movies

YouTube now with free ad-supported blockbuster movies

Most YouTube users don't associate the site with blockbuster movies, probably, even though it is possible to rent movies on the site just as it is possible to do the same on […]

windows security updates november 2018

Is Microsoft making an effort to improve update transparency and quality?

Microsoft was never particularly good when it came to update transparency and communication; while you could say that for a lot of companies, Google for instance, it always felt to me that […]

mail app ads

Microsoft: Ads in Mail client were experimental only

Advertisement in email clients has always been a controversial topic. Microsoft pushed an update to the default Mail application on Windows 10 for Insiders recently that brought ads to the client; a […]

windows update improvements 1903

Windows 10 version 1903: Windows Update improvements

The next feature update for Windows 10, Windows 10 version 1903, may include better options to pause Windows updates and improve the operating system's Active Hours functionality. One of the things that […]

microsoft translation

Microsoft highlights quality updates in latest Translator update

Microsoft Translator has never been my go-to application when it comes to machine translation. I always felt that Google Translator did a better job in turning foreign text into something that resembled […]

windows 10 version 1809 issues

Look! Windows 10 version 1809 has even more issues

Microsoft, finally, updated the update history support page for Windows 10 version 1809 on the company website. The page highlights the network mapping issue that users may experience after installation of the […]

firefox 63.0.3

Firefox 63.0.3 is a small bugfix release

Mozilla released an update for Firefox today that brings the version of the web browser to 63.0.3. Firefox 63.0.3 is a bug fix release that addresses several bugs in the web browser; […]

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The CompTIA Cyber Security Expert Bundle preps you for the three CompTIA exams CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP-003), CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CSA+) and CompTIA Pentest+. All three courses are designed for […]

firefox breach notification

Firefox will soon alert users about recently breached sites

Mozilla's Firefox web browser will soon notify users when they visit websites that were breached recently. The new functionality extends the capabilities of Firefox Monitor, a new service by Mozilla that anyone […]

windows 10 1809 mapped network drives

Mapped Network Drives issue in Windows 10 version 1809

If you run a Windows 10 PC with mapped network drives you may want to hit the brakes to make sure that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update is not deployed on […]

netspot android

A look at NetSpot WiFi Analyzer for Android

Netspot WiFi Analyzer for Android is a new free networking application to survey wireless networks that are picked up by the Android device. The app is made by the same company that […]

windows 10 1903 search

A look at Search changes in Windows 10 version 1903

Microsoft released the October 2018 Update yesterday on the November 2018 Patch Tuesday; while the update was delayed quite a bit because of issues that were not detected in time before it […]

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