writeway pro

WriteWay Pro is a free book-writing software for Microsoft Windows that assists authors in writing novels and other types of books. While you can start writing books in plain Notepad, Microsoft Word, and pretty much any other text editor out there, you may find the extra functionality that specialized book writing software offers useful. While […]

glasswire 2.0

GlassWire released version 2.0 of the personal firewall and security program for Microsoft's Windows operating system. The new major version of the application includes improvements and new features including support for Virustotal scanning, Evil Twin detection, high DPI support. We reviewed GlassWire back in 2014 when the application was first released, and published a feature […]

autoplaystopper video autoplay

Autoplaying videos are surely one of the biggest annoyances that you may run into on the Internet. They suck up bandwidth, may use CPU, and are distracting. If you add sound to the mix, they are one of the most annoying types of content that you encounter on the Internet. Sites love them; they generate […]

chrome steal data vulnerability

Whenever someone reports a vulnerability that requires local access to a system, a discussion erupts about whether that is really a vulnerability that needs fixing. One side argues that it is, considering that there are numerous ways that someone could gain local access to a device. The other side argues that it is not, as […]


Voice, Chat and Vision Automation Bundle is an eLearning bundle that includes five courses in total. The courses are all about building voice, chat and vision applications using Amazon Alexa, Sikuli, Google DialogFlow, or Amazon Lex. The following courses are included in the bundle: Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa -- Alexa Skills for Echo […]

firefox http indicator

The Web migrates from using HTTP predominantly to HTTPS. More than 66% of all Firefox page loads are now secured by HTTPS, an increase of 20% when compared to the January figure of this year. HTTPS encrypts the connection to protect it against tampering or spying. The rise of Lets Encrypt, a service that offers […]


Station is a free desktop program for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X devices (Linux coming) that can best be described as a desktop workstation for web apps. The application integrates hundreds of web services (apps) that you can all run from within the interface. While you are asked to get started by adding […]

storify shut down

Remember Storify? Storify was a web service to use content from various social media sites and resources in what the service called stories. An author could pull data from various sources, tweets from various Twitter users, videos, web links and other resources, and use them in a story. Livefyre, which started out as a commenting […]


Splashify is a free software program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to browse desktop wallpapers, download them and set them as the background image. There are so many wallpaper programs out there that it is hard to keep an overview. All support browsing images locally, and to download and set selected ones as the desktop […]

gog winter 2017 sale

Gog.com launched its Winter 2017 Sale yesterday with huge discounts, a freebie for everyone, and new deals every day. The freebie is Grim Fandango Remastered. You can add it to your account free of charge the next 27 hours. It is a remake of the classic LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango which many believe is […]

mozilla extensions spam

If you visit the official Mozilla AMO -- Addons Mozilla Org -- site right now you may notice an increase in extensions that are pure spam. The site is abused by spammers currently who flood it with extension listings designed to get users to click on links in the description. The method that these spammers […]

windows updates december 2017 security

This overview offers information on security updates and non-security updates that Microsoft released for Windows, Office and other company products in December 2017. The guide is divided into different parts: it starts with an executive summary that highlights the most important bits. This is followed by the operating system distribution which highlights how different versions […]

CrossOver 17 for Linux and Mac is a paid application for Mac and Linux that users of these systems may use to run Windows software on the system without requiring a Windows license or installation. CrossOver is a commercial version of Wine that adds functionality that Wine does not offer. Some of the features that […]

firefox proxy toggle

Proxy Toggle is a new browser extension for the Firefox web browser that adds HTTP and Socks proxy support with authentication to Firefox. You may run the Firefox web browser with and without a proxy. Firefox supports HTTP, SSL, FTP and Socks proxies by default which you may all set using the Connection Settings which […]

chrome black screen

Google Chrome started to act up weirdly on one of my machines recently. I noticed display issues at first; Chrome would not show the content of sites I opened unless I changed the window size of the browser first. Yesterday, things got even weirder as the browser showed a black screen only when I started […]


I’ve touched on Cinnamon quite a few times now, as it has become my personal choice of desktop environment, but I thought I’d share some of Cinnamons own tweaks that are system independent, you should check out. All of these can be installed from their respective section of the System Settings application in the Cinnamon […]

outlook beta

Microsoft runs a beta right now on Outlook.com that users may participate in to gain access to upcoming features early. The company runs betas regularly on Outlook.com to test new features; usually, all of the features that are part of the beta will also be in the updated version once it launches. All Outlook.com customers […]