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gog winter sale 2018

Winter Games Sale on has started

The Winter Sale has started today. PC gamers can head over to the gog website to grab a free game and buy more than 2000 discounted games over the course of […]

Ghacks Deals: Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle: Lifetime Access (Price Drop)

Price Drop! Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle: Lifetime Access is available for just $49 for a limited period. The certification training bundle includes nine training courses to ace Cisco exams. The bundle […]

brave extensions chrome warning

Brave: faster loading speed, Chrome extension support

Brave, the ambitious web browser that aims to change website financing and Internet advertising, was switched to Chromium this month. Brave did use Chromium's rendering engine from the very beginning but it […]

microsoft 365 consumer

Surprise! Microsoft plans to make Microsoft 365 available to consumers

Job postings on Microsoft's Career website suggest that the company is planning to release a consumer version of Microsoft 365 in the future. Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based software and service bundle […]

vivaldi 2.2 update

Vivaldi 2.2 released: navigation and customization improvements

Vivaldi Technologies released Vivaldi 2.2 to the Stable channel on December 13, 2018. The new version of the web browser improves navigation, improves customization options further, and includes other new or improved […]

captcha buster

Buster promises to solve captchas automatically

Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and related browsers to make captchas less frustrating on the Internet. Websites may display captchas for verification to […]

windows updates 2018 december

Microsoft reveals how it validates updates before release

Microsoft promised in November 2018 that it would make an effort to improve update transparency and quality. The company went through a streak of bad updates that caused all kinds of issues […]

firefox 64 crash skip version android

Firefox 64.0 for Android canceled, 64.0.1 incoming

Mozilla cancelled Firefox 64.0 Stable for Android because of a crash bug that it discovered; the organization plans to release Firefox 64.0.1 later this week. Mozilla published Firefox 64.0 to the Stable […]

activity history

Windows 10: Activity may be recorded even if you disable it

The Privacy dashboard on Microsoft's website lists recent activity, e.g. visited sites or started applications, even if Activity History is disabled on a Windows 10 device. Recent versions of Microsoft's Windows 10 […]

windows updates 2018 december

Microsoft Windows Security Updates December 2018 release overview

Microsoft released security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products on December 11, 2018. Our monthly update provides you with detailed information on updates that Microsoft released, […]

Ghacks Deals: The Complete JavaScript & jQuery Programming Bundle (98% off)

The Complete JavaScript & jQuery Programming Bundle is a big eLearning bundle that teaches you JavaScript and jQuery. The bundle includes introductory courses for beginners and programmers who want to refresh their […]

firefox 64.0 release

Firefox 64.0 Release Information

The Firefox 64.0 Stable release data is December 11, 2018. Mozilla published Firefox 63.0 in October 2018; Firefox 64 is the last major release of the web browser in 2018. Our release […]

chrome sorry page requested

Fixing "the page you requested cannot be found" in Chrome when accessing Microsoft sites

Back in 2016, I received This site can't be reached error messages when I tried to access pages on in the Google Chrome browser to download Windows 10. I could access […]

flashboot free

How to create a running copy of Windows on USB Flash Drives

FlashBoot is a free and commercial software program for Microsoft Windows devices that, among many other things, can be used to create a self-contained running copy of Windows on a USB Flash […]

virustotal scan email

Use Email to scan files on Virustotal

Virustotal, an online virus scanning service operated by Google, is a handy resource to verify that files are clean before you execute them on your devices. All it takes is to visit […]

Microsoft Edge will support Chromium extensions

Microsoft revealed plans to switch the core of the company's Microsoft Edge web browser from its own EdgeHTML base to Chromium used by Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and other browsers. First […]

netflix membership end

TV and Movie streaming is heading in the wrong direction

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube TV, and many others; soon, Disney's entry into the market with its own service while other companies consider entering the TV and movie streaming […]

tresorit send

First Look at Tresorit Send file sharing solution

Tresorit Send is a new file sharing solution by Tresorit that was launched as a beta version recently. Tresorit is best known for its end-to-end encrypted file synchronization and sharing solution for […]