context menu tuner

Context Menu Tuner is a free program for Microsoft Windows that enables you to add various functions to the right-click context menu on Windows. Many companies that produce software seem to have a Wild West mentality when it comes to adding items to the context menu on Windows. Add first, and maybe provide options to […]

intel driver update utility windows

Intel Driver Update Utility is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to search for, download, and install Intel driver updates. It is usually a good idea to keep drivers up to date, especially if newer drivers improve the old or add new features that you may be interested in. While there is certainly something […]

windows 10 version 1507

Microsoft announced on Thursday that the original release version of Windows 10 will reach the end of servicing on January 26, 2017. Windows 10 version 1507 was released in July 2015 by Microsoft. It was the Windows 10 RTM version that Windows customers could purchase, or upgrade for free to. Microsoft released two feature updates […]

move steam install folder

Valve published a new update for its Steam gaming platform recently that allows users of the service to move installed Steam games to another folder. The company did add options to change the install folder of Steam games in 2012, but never introduced an option to do the same for games or apps already installed […]

adobe acrobat chrome extension

When Adobe released an update for the company's Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software in January, it installed alongside with it a browser extension for Google Chrome. This "feature" was not mentioned in the changelog, and users had no option to block the installation. Chrome's security mechanism when it comes to the installation of browser extensions […]

firefox select search

Mozilla plans to roll out a new feature in Firefox 53 that makes finding the right item in large select fields more comfortable by adding a search to the field. Select fields provide you with a set list of items that you select one from. This works well if there are not too many items, […]


Rufus is an easy to use portable software program for Microsoft Windows devices to create bootable USB drives using ISO images. It appears that I have never reviewed Rufus before here on Ghacks, even though I mentioned it a couple of times in the past when it came to the creation of bootable USB media. […]

A report on Cnet suggests that 3D TV won't be the next big thing after all, as the last two major TV makers of 3D TVs announced that they would stop producing 3D TVs in 2017. The revival of 3D in home entertainment began with the release of Avatar back in 2010, but the technology […]

windows 10 insider preview 15014

Microsoft pushed out a new Windows 10 Insider Build today, bringing the latest version of the development version to version 15014. The company published a blog post on the Windows Experience Blog that highlights major changes, and issues that users may experience. As always, the features listed here will likely be part of the Windows […]


MediCat DVD is a bootable troubleshooting environment that ships with Linux and Windows boot environments, and troubleshooting tools. The author of MediCat DVD designed the bootable toolkit as an unofficial successor to the popular Hiren's Boot CD boot environment. Hiren's Boot Cd has last been updated in 2012, and while it works in many cases, […]

The The Full Stack Programmer Bundle is a massive eLearning course offering more than 130 hours worth of content that teaches you how to program in several languages, and how to build products such as computer and mobile applications, and websites, using those languages. Among the many languages are JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby on […]

gmail phishing

Researchers have discovered a new phishing attack that is currently underway that is targeting Google Gmail accounts in a sophisticated way. What's interesting about this specific attack is that it uses a new method, one that could even lure tech savvy users into its trap. The attacks begin with compromised Gmail accounts. The attackers use […]


Cloudshot is a free screen capture program for Microsoft Windows devices that is easy to use, and supports local and online storage locations. The name of the application reveals one of the program's main features already: the ability to upload screenshots that you take to various online services that it supports. The service supports Dropbox, […]

firefox permissions

Back in mid-2016 we gave you a glimpse of the new permissions system that Mozilla was working on at the time for its Firefox web browser. Mozilla worked on it a bit more in the meantime, and plans to launch an updated version of it soon that improves the user interaction with permissions in several […]