firefox anontab

AnonTab is an add-on for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers that enables you to load unknown or seemingly dangerous sites in a secure environment. While you may trust some sites to a degree that you visit regularly, you may have encountered situations where you wanted to be extra safe when visiting certain sites on […]

Windows 10 Update KB3201845

Microsoft pushed out the new cumulative KB3201845 update for the Windows 10 release channel yesterday that delivers a range of fixes for the operating system. Reports are also coming in that the update is causing Internet connectivity issues for some users (DHCP issues). I experienced this first hand when my mother told me yesterday that […]

early access android google play

Early access and access to beta apps are two options that users have when they use the Google Play store to discover, download and manage Android apps and games. The main difference between early access and beta apps is the following: beta apps always require a release version of an application or game on Google […]

password leak

A recent password use study by the German Hasso-Plattner-Institute of roughly 1 billion user accounts concluded that 20% of users were reusing passwords. Additionally, 27% of users used password that were nearly identical with other account passwords. User accounts and passwords are still the dominating method of authentication both locally and online. While companies work […]

windows 32-bit 64-bit

If you have bought a computer in recent years, chance is you run a 64-bit version of Windows on it. While Microsoft is still producing 32-bit copies of Windows 10, those are sold and deployed considerably less than 64-bit copies. Microsoft itself has not released statistics about the distribution of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. […]

ITIL Service Lifecycle Super Training Bundle is an eLearning bundle that gives you access to eight ITIL training courses. ITIL is a set of practices for IT service management. The courses are available for 98% off the regular price. Some courses are open to users of all experience levels, others require intermediate experience. I suggest […]

windows 10 qualcomm

Microsoft announced a partnership with Qualcomm today that will bring Windows 10 to devices with ARM processors. One interesting tidbit of the announcement is that Qualcomm ARM processors will be able to run legacy x86 Windows programs. This means that this is not another attempt at establishing a special Windows 10 RT version on the […]

malwarebytes 3.0

Malwarebytes 3.0 is a new product by Malwarebytes, makers of security software that unifies the company's main security products in a single program. Home users had the choice between three different products for Windows desktop PCs up until now: There was Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, and Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. The first two products were available as […]

donation coder nany 2017

Donation Coder hold an event each year called New Apps for the New Year, or short N.A.N.Y, in which coders pledge and release new programs. What I like particularly is that there is always a wide variety of programs that get released during the event. You get Windows programs and Android apps mostly, but web […]

windows 10 build 14986

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 14986 to the Insider Preview Fast Ring. The new build introduces a massive number of new features, improvements and changes. First, a word of warning. Since this is a preview build, there are things that may not work properly. It is recommended to run these preview builds on non-production machines. […]

top vulnerabilities 2016

If you needed another reason not to use Flash anymore, a new security report by Recorded Future may convince you to consider this at the very least. The company analyzed 141 exploits kits that were available between November 16, 2015 and November 15, 2016. The main takeaway of the research study is that Adobe Flash […]

windows 10 creators update security

Microsoft's director of program management, Windows Enterprise and Security Rob Lefferts, highlighted security related changes and improvements coming to the Windows 10 Creators Update due out in March 2017 recently in a blog post. Microsoft focused on consumers for the most part when it revealed the Windows 10 Creators Update a couple of weeks ago. […]

windows 10 end of support

Windows 10 is different in many regards to previous versions of Windows. One core difference is that it marks the move from releasing a new version of Windows every three or so years to Windows as a service. What is meant by that is that Windows will follow the same model that Office 365 and […]


Vivaldi is working on version 1.6 of the web browser currently and pushing out updates to the developer channel regularly that introduce new features. You have probably come across sites in the past that use the page title to indicate that updates are available. This is mostly done by social sites such as Twitter or […]